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Are you a businessman in the height of your career? Be warned!

Learn the secrets used by the mafia to bring down thriving businessmen. 

This eBook will show you how Douglas McCoy survived the hands of the mafia!

This amazing story of a successful young Australian businessman caught between the head of London’s East End Mafia and Australia’s Most Renowned Gangster in a protracted 6 year battle. Read how crooked money buys media space, flouts

Trade Practices, corrupts Politicians and seduces Government Officials to perform services of intimidation on behalf of criminals and how naive Public Servants are coerced into schemes to scam, defame and defraud respectable businessmen,
companies and their families of 10’s of millions of dollars.

It is the astonishing true story of international intrigue of tenacity and how this resourceful entrepreneur survived this incredible ordeal. At 30, McCoy was a self made millionaire with businesses spanning a number of countries including Australia, England and New Zealand. Doug had just been a finalist as “Australia’s Young Executive of The Year” and expand into the UK market.

McCoy was threatened:

“I am going to do the same to you as what Tiny Roland’s did to Allan Bond…”

Not being one to step back from a fight, McCoy took the professional high class gangster to the High Court of London where he won judgment, but McCoy’s expensive lesson cost him his multi-million dollar per annum empire forcing McCoy to live the equivalent of over 30 men’s life experiences in just one decade.

McCoy’s own money was used against him to pay for fallacious complaints with negative media exposure and public defamation. This real life character assassination is here in revealed.

It will make you ask: Is this JAMES BOND THRILLER or The REAL McCoy?

McCoy’s struggle with gangsters, media, religious leaders and public figures, will send shock waves through you. Paid letters inducing Government Officials to abuse Parliamentary Privilege to try and extort fortunes through the misuse of “Coward’s Castle”, where Members of Parliament can be used and be neither sued or brought to account. Discover how the legendary Tim Bristow, was brought in to destroy McCoy’s reputation and businesses. Bristow was Australia’s best known Gangster and Stand over man, known for killing people and breaking knee caps, but ironically protected as a “Police Informer”.

When your survival is threatened by seemingly insurmountable odds by threats to tear your name down plus destroy your family and life. The question is asked: “How do I Survive?”

Go behind the daily news stories, T.V. current affairs, media manipulation and exploitation:-Witness the calculated schemes of high level corruption where cronyism, graft, embezzlement and extortion are the norm. Read this amazing story of how professional extortionists are able to carry out character assassination, collapse international businesses, destroy the status of respectable, successful businessmen and worse, threaten to annihilate their families.

Be Prepared!

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